Intelligent Apparel Manufacturing

Fourth Industrial Revolution

 Data is the heartbeat of any factory leveraging industry 4.0 technology. How you create and make decisions based on this data is your value proposition. Black Swan Textiles is here to help you realize this value by leveraging our expertise, experience and vision of where the apparel industry is headed. Reach out below to get started on your digitalization journey. 

Pillars of Success



Connecting to factory assets, whether it be systems or machines, to gain real-time feedback and notifications of work status. Once connected we can begin sending work instructions (BOL) and bill of material (BOM) to plant personnel and responsible for constructing the garment.



 Virtualization software that simulates the factory and its various manufacturing processes. This type of production planning evaluates and optimizes different options before any fabric or garment construction begins on the plant floor. 



The factory of the future is informative to management, supply chain partners and clients in order to meet consumer demand with efficiency and accuracy.  With a tap of a button we know all key metrics including capacity, production, quality and lead times that allow us to make informed decisions in an instant.  



The smart factory is continuously optimizing and learning from the data within the plant. We no longer rely on pen and paper or excel worksheets to analyze operations. We need to know when a problem is going to occur, before it does.