Industrial Internet of Things


An essential driver for customer-facing innovation, data-driven optimization and automation, digital transformation and entirely new applications, business models and revenue streams across all sectors.

Cloud Computing

A simple explanation of cloud computing is a collection of IT and computing services whereby an organization pays for the IT and computing capability as a service, the on-demand part.  On top of the business needs in the strict sense they also need to take into account security, regulatory requirements, growing computing resource demands and the needs of users, including mobile workers, management, partners and changing end customers.  

Edge Computing

Depending on the context and scope of the project you want the data you need fast. Or better, you need the aggregated and analyzed data, in the shape of actionable intelligence, enabling you to take actions and decisions, fast, whether these decisions are human or not.  If your data is generated at the edge, then why not bring all your intelligence and analysis as close to the source as possible, with all the obvious benefits.