Product Digital Twin

Apparel Digital Twin

Black Swan Textiles drives a Digital Twin model of product design and development using virtualization software to replace old fashioned product development tools.  The digital color management processes executed today by brands and mills alike is the archetype for other areas of product development. This innovation was built on a simple approach:  

  • Convert a physical object to numbers (digitization) 
  • Model and monetize that data through software to perform complex processes (digitalization)
  • Commercialize those processes to enable production
  • Implement policies stipulating those processes throughout the supply chain. 

That same methodology can be applied to drive fabric and garment development, adding value by eliminating time and waste as well as increasing quality and reliability to the end product.  Adopting the Digital Twin model reduces an 18 month development calendar to six weeks. Black Swan Textiles provides the catalyst, know-how, and evangelism for brands and manufacturers alike to plan and execute true virtualization connecting development directly to production.