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Accelerating apparel development and manufacturing through the Implementation of Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin Technologies 

who we are

Black Swan Textiles

A digitalization consultancy in the apparel Industry working to develop “Digital Twin” models for the product, production, and performance of apparel.

We provide:

  • A deep understanding of the apparel design and development process, textile manufacturing, and factory automation 
  • Access to leaders in the brand houses, supply chain, software solution providers, and academia
  • The ability to leverage and coordinate the efforts of apparel-related groups pursuing digitalization, such as the retail coalitions, trade associations, industry initiatives, and public-private partnerships 


The Flaw in Apparel Manufacturing

In the late 1980’s, many apparel brands shed their backwards integration to exploit the low cost labor markets emerging in developing nations. They shuttered their own factories and worked through agents and contract manufacturers with little or no visibility into the tiers of the supply chain. 

The Solution

The goal of a MetaVertical approach is to digitally re-connect a fragmented supply chain and return the feedback loop through the Digital Twin model. Simply put, a Digital Twin incorporates subject matter expertise into a digital system. To model the advantages of the old vertical models into a digital enterprise, three Digital Twin models are required — the Product Digital Twin, the Production Digital Twin, and the Performance Digital Twin.   

Digital Twins




How We Do It

Factory of the Future

Apparel Digital Twin

The factory of the future enables apparel factories to optimize production and efficiency by converging operations technologies and information technologies that provides a gateway to digital transformation.


A distributed, permanent, digital ledger for keeping transactional records of anything valuable.  Exact copies of the database is stored in multiple locations on computers. The distributed design helps to prevent network failures/outages, data loss and data tampering.  

Industrial Internet of Things

The network of physical items, equipped with electronics, connectivity and software to capture, filter and exchange data

Predictive Analytics

By integrating machine learning in manufacturing and supply chain operations, brands can gain predictive insights and gain a competitive advantage.

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