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Keith Hoover


President Apparel Industry Leader 


Keith Hoover is a recognized global pioneer in developing and implementing manufacturing-centric product development processes. His expertise spans creative product design through technical manufacturing execution. Most recently at Under Armour, Hoover championed Project Glory at the Under Armour Lighthouse, a new model for product development and manufacturing, based on virtualization and local-for-local sourcing. 

Hoover has contributed in all phases of apparel and hard goods product development. He started his career as a commercial artist and fashion illustrator for such brands as Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. He moved into product development, devising color management programs for Target, Lands’ End, JCPenney, and Under Armour. He was part of a team that set up Polo R&D and oversaw Fruit of the Loom’s domestic dyehouses.

Hoover was the first in the US to implement large-scale endto-end global digital color management for a major retailer ($70B). He has worked hands-on in mills worldwide and led development for multi-million dollar textile programs in China, India, Pakistan, and Korea. Hoover has a long string of accomplishments bridging the creative and manufacturing processes, thus providing the ability to effectively communicate with all facets of the fiber and textile supply chain. 

Under Armour – VP, Manufacturing Innovation & Development at the UA Lighthouse; VP, Material Process & Color Innovation 

FTR (Fiber & Textile Revolution) – Represented Under Armour and served as the designated Executive Director for a consortium competing for the RFT-MII (Revolutionary Fiber & Textile Manufacturing Innovation Institute) Federal grant; key academic institutions were NC State, GA Tech, UMass-Lowell, University of Oregon, and University of Maryland; key brands were Under Armour, Nike, and Ralph Lauren (2015 – 2016) 

JCPenney – Director of Global Color and Fabric Innovation 

Lands’ End – Senior Manager, Design Resources 

Target Corp – Senior Manager of Global Color Services 

Fruit of the Loom – Director, Color Management 

Polo/Ralph Lauren – Art Director, R&D Color Technologist

• Frequent presenter to leading textile-facing organizations, including AATCC, EURATEX, ISCC, SDC, STRC, AIC, MAGIC, STA, and PI – Apparel 


Edward Hollyday


Vice President Automation Industry Leader edward.hollyday@blackswantextiles.com

Edward Hollyday, IV is an innovative leader in the manufacturing sector with expertise in industrial automation systems and processes. His proficiency and passion drive him to create dynamic business relationships, optimizing production effectiveness, and foresight into future automation technologies. Hollyday has a keen outlook and creative ability to understand and implement advancements enabling progress in the industrial market. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree while studying Business Administration at Goldey-Beacom College, a preeminent business school in the US. Hollyday has the honor of serving as an advisory board member for Delaware Technical Community College’s Innovation and Technology Center, which supports the training of automation technologies in manufacturing throughout the State of Delaware. 

Hollyday began his career as an engineer at Unilever, overseeing the operations and optimization of over 1500 field devices that continuously improved batch processes. He later transitioned to management as a key account manager. As his career advanced, he moved into business development resulting in a multi-million dollar increase in revenue and the creation of dozens of jobs related to electrical and mechanical engineering. Most recently as Business Development Manager of a leading systems integrator, Hollyday was responsible for creating and maturing business partnerships with Fortune 500 manufacturers and globally recognized technology partners. 

Hollyday has a proven history of prominent collaboration with the largest industrial automation brands in the world, including Siemens, KUKA, and Cognex, to name a few. Supporting industrial areas like controls, robotics, information technology, and vision systems are technologies that can retrofit the way manufacturing is done today. Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, and Blockchain are technologies that, when isolated, are very powerful but, when aggregated, will transform the way products will be manufactured in the future around the world. 

Key Customers 

Merck, Nestle, McCormick, Astra-Zeneca, NorthropGrumman, Kimberly-Clark, DuPont, Unilever, Under Armour, Volvo, Procter & Gamble

Key Partners 

Siemens, Rockwell Automation, ABB / B&R, Beckhoff, General Electric (GE), Cognex, Keyence, Universal Robots, Pilz, KUKA, Festo