The Apparel Digital Twin

 Adopting the Digital Twin model reduces an 18 month development calendar to several weeks and Black Swan Textiles provides the catalyst, know-how, and evangelism for brands and manufacturers alike to plan and execute true virtualization connecting development directly to production.   

The Digital Thread

Product Digital Twin


Black Swan Textiles drives a Digital Twin model of product design and development using virtualization software to replace old fashioned product development tools.  The digital color management processes executed today by brands and mills alike is the archetype for other areas of product development. This innovation was built on a simple approach:  

  • Convert a physical object to numbers (digitization) 
  • Model and monetize that data through software to perform complex processes (digitalization)
  • Commercialize those processes to enable production
  • Implement policies stipulating those processes throughout the supply chain. 

That same methodology can be applied to drive fabric and garment development, adding value by eliminating time and waste as well as increasing quality and reliability to the end product. 

Production Digital Twin


 The production digital twin is the epitome of digitalization – the virtual rendition of a real world asset, whether it be a plant, machine or system. And the twin is indeed increasingly proving that it can help ensure optimized machine design, efficient commissioning, short changeover times, and smooth operation.  Designing and proving an asset in a virtual environment significantly reduces errors made in the real world. 

Animation, simulation and testing are merely the beginning of the digital twin journey. Integrating business and manufacturing systems data into the digital twin creates continuous optimization and real world efficiency improvements. 

The result: a fully rendered object (plant or machine) with live production data that can accurately forecast its capabilities and plan accordingly any size order and workforce. Integrating this output with the product digital twin is where the industry paradigm shift occurs...true digitalization!

Performance Digital Twin


 The performance digital twin includes data analysis to discover hidden product and production issues before they occur; graphical displays to clearly identify potentially problematic configurations; and automated data monitoring and parametric data analysis to fine-tune operations and provide insight for improving products and production.   

The ability to detect an outlier, whether in design or production, is only enabled by the aggregation of technology including the internet of things (IoT) and cloud/edge computing. The time savings and increase in speed enables the MetaVertical business models which digitally connects brands and its supply chain. 

What if you could predict the future?

  • You know the volumes required to meet consumer demand
  • You know who can make it and get it to market the fastest
  • You eliminate waste and reduce carbon footprint